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With email aliases, you can be anonymous online and protect your inbox against spams and phishing. Open-source. Made and hosted in Europe. Receive and send emails anonymously. Next time a website asks for your email address, give an alias instead of your real email. Emails sent to an alias are instantly forwarded to your inbox without the sender knowing anything. Just hit “Reply” if you want to reply to a forwarded email: the reply is sent from your alias and your real email stays hidden. You can also easily send emails from your alias. Quickly create an alias on the go. Sign up for a newsletter, create a new online account with a click. Built upon open-source technology, all SimpleLogin components are also open-source. Not only can an alias receive emails, it can also send emails. An alias is a full-fledged email address. Manage your aliases on SimpleLogin website or on our Chrome, Firefox, Safari extensions.


Features #

  • Receive and send emails anonymously
  • Shield your inbox with email aliases
  • Use email alias everywhere
  • Receive emails safely in your inbox
  • Send emails anonymously
  • Create and manage your aliases everywhere


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