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Site Sync

A Robo based utility designed to synchronize website content for MySQL based websites such as Drupal and WordPress. It’s intended use is keeping local and development websites up-to-date with the live website.


The utility is installed by placing the phar file in the computer path.
Sites are defined indivually with the site command. The pair command creates a synchronization pair. The sync command is then used synchronize the destination site to source site.
The site and pair definition files are placed in a directory named .robo-site-sync in the account home directory. The site-sync utility has minimal assistance for maintaining these files. They are primarily maintained through a text editor.


The example below assumes the site-sync.phar file has not been placed in the system path.

  • php site-sync.phar site create source-site
  • php site-sync.phar site create destination-site
  • edit the config files
  • php site-sync.phar pair my-sync-pair source-site destination-site
  • edit the config file
  • php site-sync.phar sync my-sync-pair


  • Download the site-sync.phar file
  • Check if it works:
    php site-sync.phar --help
  • To be able to type site-sync, instead of php site-sync.phar, you need to make the file executable and move it to somewhere in your PATH. For example:
    chmod +x site-sync.phar
    mv site-sync.phar ~/bin/site-sync or sudo mv site-sync.phar /usr/local/bin/site-sync
  • Test for successful installation:
    site-sync --help



  • git clone the repository
  • cd into the project root
  • run composer install

Creating a New phar File

  • cd to project root
  • composer build

Running from the Project

This is useful for testing code changes without recompiling the phar file

  • cd to project root
  • php init.php {command}