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Synchronizing CiviCRM data to Custom Posts

Provides an tool for synchronizing CiviCRM data to custom posts in WordPress.
You can use this plugin with Connector to CiviCRM with CiviMcRestFace plugin
which gives you the ability to connect to an CiviCRM installation on a different server.

Funded by

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported at Github.


The code of this plugin is published and maintained at Github.
The plugin is also published at (NOT YET)
and this requires that we submit each release to the WordPress SVN
Workflow for development

  1. Fork the repository at Github
  2. Create a new branch for the functionality you want to develop, or for the bug you want to fix.
  3. Write your code and test it, once you are finished push it to your fork.
  4. Create a Pull Request at Github to notify us to merge your changes.

Workflow for creating a release
Based on the instruction from Learn with Daniel

  1. Update readme.txt with the new version number (also update the Changelog section)
  2. Update synchronizing-civicrm-data-to-custom-posts.php with the new version number
  3. Create a new version at Github.
  4. To publish the release at WordPress Plugin directory follow the following steps:
    1. Create a temp directory: mkdir synchronizing-civicrm-data-to-custom-posts-tmp
    2. Go into this directory: cd synchronizing-civicrm-data-to-custom-posts-tmp
    3. Do an SVN checkout into SVN directory: svn checkout --depth immediates svn
    4. Clone the Github repository into Github directory: git clone github
    5. Go into the Github directory: cd github
    6. Checkout the created release (in our example 1.0.0): git checkout 1.0.0
    7. Go into the svn directory: cd ../svn
    8. Copy the files from github to SVN: rsync -rc --exclude-from="../github/.distignore" "../github/" trunk/ --delete --delete-excluded
    9. Add the files to SVN: svn add . --force
    10. Tag the release in SVN (in our example 1.0.0): svn cp "trunk" "tags/1.0.0"
    11. Now submit to the WordPress SVN with a message: svn ci -m 'Adding 1.0.0'


Release 1.0.4

  • Added restriction to ensure that post type names are not longer than 20 characters
  • Added an option Is already registered. This makes the reuse of existing post types possible.


The plugin is licensed under AGPL-3.0.