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Ubuntu 16.04

How to Configure NTP for Use in the NTP Pool Project on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Linux Commands Miscellaneous Networking Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Accurate time keeping is critical for almost any service or software. Emails, loggers, event systems and schedulers, user authentication mechanisms, and services running on distributed platforms all need accurate timestamps to record events in chronological order.
How To Serve Flask Applications with uWSGI and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Flask Nginx Python Python Frameworks Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # In this guide, we will be setting up a simple Python application using the Flask micro-framework on Ubuntu 16.04. The bulk of this article will be about how to set up the uWSGI application server to launch the application and Nginx to act as a front end reverse proxy.
How To Set Up Time Synchronization on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Linux Basics Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Accurate timekeeping has become a critical component of modern software deployments. Whether it’s making sure logs are recorded in the right order or database updates are applied correctly, out-of-sync time can cause errors, data corruption, and other hard to debug issues.
How To Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication for SSH on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Security Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # An authentication factor is a single piece of information used to prove you have the rights to perform an action, like logging into a system. An authentication channel is the way an authentication system delivers a factor to the user or requires the user to reply.
How To Move a MySQL Data Directory to a New Location on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Block Storage MySQL Storage Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Databases grow over time, sometimes outgrowing the space on the file system. You can also run into I/O contention when they’re located on the same partition as the rest of the operating system.
How To Install and Configure OpenLDAP and phpLDAPadmin on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials System Tools Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a standard protocol designed to manage and access hierarchical directory information over a network. It can be used to store any kind of information, though it is most often used as a centralized authentication system or for corporate email and phone directories.
How To Install Java with Apt-Get on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Java Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
[*]Introduction[*] Java and the JVM (Java’s virtual machine) are widely used and required for many kinds of software. This article will guide you through the process of installing and managing different versions of Java using apt-get.
How To Install Prometheus on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Monitoring Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Prometheus is a powerful, open-source monitoring system that collects metrics from your services and stores them in a time-series database. It offers a multi-dimensional data model, a flexible query language, and diverse visualization possibilities through tools like Grafana.
How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Miscellaneous Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
###Introduction VNC, or “Virtual Network Computing”, is a connection system that allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to interact with a graphical desktop environment on a remote server. It makes managing files, software, and settings on a remote server easier for users who are not yet comfortable with the command line.
How To Install and Secure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Apache Applications MySQL PHP Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # While many users need the functionality of a database management system like MySQL, they may not feel comfortable interacting with the system solely from the MySQL prompt.
How To Secure Apache with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Apache LAMP Stack Let's Encrypt Security Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # This tutorial will show you how to set up a TLS/SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt on an Ubuntu 16.04 server running Apache as a web server. SSL certificates are used within web servers to encrypt the traffic between the server and client, providing extra security for users accessing your application.
How To Install Ruby on Rails with RVM on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Ruby Ruby on Rails Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular application stacks for developers looking to create sites and web apps. The Ruby programming language, combined with the Rails development framework, makes app development simple.
How To Install and Configure Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Elasticsearch Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Elasticsearch is a platform for distributed search and analysis of data in real time. Its popularity is due to its ease of use, powerful features, and scalability.
How To Install R on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Applications R Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # R is a popular open source programming language that specializes in statistical computing and graphics. It is widely used for developing statistical software and performing data analysis. R is easily extensible, and the community is known for continuously adding user-generated packages for specific areas of study, which makes it applicable to many fields.
How To Install and Configure GitLab on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Applications Git Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # GitLab CE, or Community Edition, is an open source application primarily used to host Git repositories, with additional development-related features like issue tracking. It is designed to be hosted using your own infrastructure, and provides flexibility in deploying as an internal repository store for your development team, publicly as a way to interface with users, or even open as a way for contributors to host their own projects.
How To Install WordPress with LEMP on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials LEMP Nginx Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 WordPress
Introduction> Introduction # WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet. It allows you to easily set up flexible blogs and websites on top of a MySQL backend with PHP processing.
How To Create RAID Arrays with mdadm on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Block Storage Storage Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # The mdadm utility can be used to create and manage storage arrays using Linux’s software RAID capabilities. Administrators have great flexibility in coordinating their individual storage devices and creating logical storage devices that have greater performance or redundancy characteristics.
How To Install Your Own Webmail Client with Roundcube on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Email LAMP Stack Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # Nowadays, many people use browser-based email clients like Gmail to access their email. However, if you want to stop seeing ads when you check your email, or if you’ve moved from a public email service to your own domain, you can run your own webmail client (also known as a mail user agent or MUA).
How to Install and Secure the Mosquitto MQTT Messaging Broker on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Let's Encrypt Miscellaneous Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # MQTT is a machine-to-machine messaging protocol, designed to provide lightweight publish/subscribe communication to “Internet of Things” devices. It is commonly used for geo-tracking fleets of vehicles, home automation, environmental sensor networks, and utility-scale data collection.
How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu 16.04
Tutorials Apache LAMP Stack MySQL PHP Ubuntu 16.04
Introduction> Introduction # The LAMP stack is a set of open source software that is typically installed together to enable a server to host dynamic websites and web apps. This term is an acronym which represents the Linux operating system, with the Apache web server.