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Team51 CLI

What even is this?

Glad you asked.
This is a small utility written by some fine folks at It automates and standardizes provisioning new WordPress sites (on, connecting them to code repositories (on and configuring deploy automation (via It does a few other things, but that’s the gist.

How do I use this?

You probably don’t.
That said, with minimal work and especially if you’re already using any of the three service providers we are, you can fork this repo and adapt it to your own needs. Or, perhaps you’ll use this tool as inspiration to build something similar which automates a repeatable task you or your team are responsible for.

May I contribute to this?

Probably not.
This tool is fairly specific to our team’s workflow…and we intend to keep it that way vs. abstracting it for anyone and everyone’s needs. That said, we’re open to hearing from you and feel free to reach us by opening an issue- please include a reference/link to your favorite song as a clue that you’ve read this =)

Why is this named “Team51”

It’s the nickname for our Special Projects team at Automattic.

Anything else?

Be well, be kind, make things and set them free.


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. From the cloned repository, run ./install-osx. First off, we know the fruit company has changed the name of the desktop operating system. Secondly, there’s probably nothing fruit company specific about this install script. We could have called it ./install-posix, but nobody’s perfect.
  3. Download the config.json file from a secure vault named Team51-CLI Config File to the root of the repository.
  4. That’s all! Run commands!


This CLI tool is self-documenting. You can view a list of available commands with team51 list.
You can then do team51 <command-name> --help.
A copy of that documentation possibly will land here in the future if it’s useful.