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Team51 CLI

What even is this?

Glad you asked.
This is a small utility written by some fine folks at It automates and standardizes provisioning new WordPress sites (on, connecting them to code repositories (on and configuring deploy automation (via It does a few other things, but that’s the gist.

How do I use this?

You probably don’t.
That said, with minimal work and especially if you’re already using any of the three service providers we are, you can fork this repo and adapt it to your own needs. Or, perhaps you’ll use this tool as inspiration to build something similar which automates a repeatable task you or your team are responsible for.

May I contribute to this?

Probably not.
This tool is fairly specific to our team’s workflow…and we intend to keep it that way vs. abstracting it for anyone and everyone’s needs. That said, we’re open to hearing from you and feel free to reach us by opening an issue- please include a reference/link to your favorite song as a clue that you’ve read this =)

Why is this named “Team51”

It’s the nickname for our Special Projects team at Automattic.

Anything else?

Be well, be kind, make things and set them free.


  1. Open the Terminal on your Mac and install Homebrew (if you haven’t already).
    • /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  2. Keep your Terminal open and clone this repository by running:
    • git clone
    • The Terminal will ask you for a so-called SSH Passphrase which you must type and hit Enter (if you’re unsure what the passphrase is, try entering the same you’d use for the AutoProxxy).
  3. Make sure Composer is installed on your computer.
    • The easiest way to install composer is by running brew install composer.
  4. Make sure you’re using version 8 of 1Password.
    • If you’ve installed it recently, then you probably are.
    • If you’ve been using 1Password for a while, then you probably need to upgrade manually since v7 doesn’t automatically upgrade to v8.
    • Make sure you know the master password to all your 1Password accounts since you’ll need to enter it again after the upgrade to v8.
  5. Make sure 1Password CLI is installed on your computer.
    • The easiest way to install 1Password CLI is by running brew install --cask 1password/tap/1password-cli.
    • The terminal will ask you for a password which should be the same one you use to log in into your computer. After typing it in, hit Enter.
    • After installation, turn on biometric unlocking to link your existing accounts with the CLI tool, and for convenient unlocking of your vaults later on.
    • Run a simple command, like op vault ls, to verify that it works and to select your default account (select the Team51 account if you have more than one).
  6. Now let’s install the CLI! From the team51-cli directory, run ./install-osx.
    • If you get an error no such file or directory: ./install-osx, try running cd team51-cli first.
  7. To verify the tool was installed successfully, you can run team51 from your Terminal.

For developers

The CLI tool automatically updates itself. It does a hard reset to the latest version of the trunk branch and it will also try to switch to the trunk branch if it’s not already on it. To bypass this behavior you can run the tool with the --dev flag or add an empty .dev file to the root folder.

For contractors

Apart from the steps outlined above, you will also need to perform the following:

  1. Copy the file /secrets/config__contractors.dist.json to /secrets/config__contractors.json (remove the .dist part).
  2. Populate the fields with the Pressable API credentials received from Team51.

When running any command, you will need to append the flag --contractor (or -c) to the command. It should be possible to skip this step if you add export TEAM51_CONTRACTOR=1 to the end of your .zshrc or .bashrc file.


This CLI tool is self-documenting. You can view a list of available commands with team51 list.
You can then do team51 <command-name> --help.
A copy of that documentation is also available on the Github Wiki for this repository. When developing, if you add any new commands or update any descriptions, help, or arguments, follow these instructions to update the documentation.


Before anything else

If you haven’t used the CLI in a while, and you’re getting a lot of Deprecated notices or PHP Fatal error, try running ./install-osx again to make sure all the dependencies are up-to-date.
Remember: you need be inside the team51-cli directory in order to execute the installation command.

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: ...

If you see this error when running a command, and you don’t remember intentionally changing the mentioned files on your computer, you should run git reset --hard to discard all the changes and get back to the state of the remote repository.

no such file or directory:...