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ToolWine ShortCodes

Additional ShortCodes for usage with Toolset, WPML and WordPress
Install and activate like any other plugin, requires Toolset, WPML is optional.


  • [DEVELOPERS] discover existing shortcodes by calling [tws_info] shortcode anywhere.
    It will produce a simple var_dump with all ShortCode tags available and their callabacks.
    Callbacks can be used as filters like so: add_filter('callback_name',$output); for each shortcode unless the tws_info. Example:

    add_filter( 'tws_get_wp_children', 'custom_tws_get_wp_children', 10, 1);
    function custom_tws_get_wp_children($output){
        $output = "whatever";
        return $output;
  • [DEVELOPERS] discover each shortcodes attributes by calling [the_shortcode info="1"]
    (replace the_shortcode with the actual shortcode tag dicovered above).
    It will produce a simple var_dump with all default attributes and their default value.
    Usefful for easier discovery of possible attributes and also see what values are possible to pass
  • [USER] call actual shortcodes like any other shortcode in WordPress!

Current list of ShortCodes (Production):

  • tws_group_by Group entries in a Loop by dates
  • tws_get_term Display all Term Object properties of a given term, can be set by all known get_term params
  • tws_get_lang Display Current WPML language of set post, and set code
  • tws_children Display count or object data of children posts to set post (WP Native Relationship)

Current list of ShortCodes (Developers):

  • tws_info ToolWine Internal ShortCode to output all available ShortCodes
  • each TWS ShortCode supports the attribute info="1" to dumpt ShortCode information

Current list of filters

  • You can apply a filter to each TWS ShortCode’s output, as explained above in DEV section

Extend ShortCodes list

You can techincally add your own shortcodes to the TWS_Shortcodes class with the tws_shortcodes filter.
It allows you to run your shortcodes with TWS ShortCode attributes – even if you do not declare them in your code.

//Register your custom shortcodes with TWS_Shortcodes
add_filter( 'tws_shortcodes', 'my_custom_shortcodes', 10, 1);

//Define your custom shortcodes
function my_custom_shortcodes($shortcodes){
	$shortcodes['my_shortcode_tag'] = 'my_shortcode_callback';	
	return $shortcodes;

//ShortCode Callback with 3rd parameter set for  shortcode_atts
function my_shortcode_callback( $atts ) {
	$atts = shortcode_atts( array(
		'foo' => 'something',
		'bar' => 'something else',
	), $atts, 'my_shortcode_tag' );

	return "foo = {$atts['foo']}";

Now you can use your custom shortcode with TWS_Shortcodes shortcode attributes!
Example, below would now output the information for yoru shortcode, even if you did never register an info atttribute for it
[my_shortcode_tag info="1"]