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Ansible playbooks for Trellis database and uploads sync.
Just copy and run without any extra configuration.


  1. Copy database.yml and uploads.yml files into Trellis root folder
  2. Copy bin/ files into Trellis bin folder
  3. (Optional) Add db-backup-*.sql.gz to your Bedrock .gitignore file


Run ./bin/ <environment> <site name> <type> <mode>

  • Available <type> options: uploads, database, all
  • Available <mode> options: push, pull
  • The push is for upload data from development and update selected environment, and the pull for download data from selected environment and update development.
  • uploads sync is not destructive, it only adds or update new files, don’t delete missing files.
  • On every database sync a datetimed backup db-backup-YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS.sql.gz is saved before import data.


You can use alias for a shorter or more intuitive commands

  • staging – stag – s
  • production – prod – p
  • database – db
  • uploads – media
  • push – up
  • pull – down

./bin/ stag db up
./bin/ prod media down
./bin/ prod all up

Skipping GUIDs

Skipping the GUID column is the default behaviour as it can have unwanted effects on production environments. If you are sure you want to replace GUID URLs, for example if you are deploying a site to production for the first time, you can prevent skipping GUIDs with --extra-vars "skip_guids=false".
./bin/ prod db up --extra-vars "skip_guids=false"


  • Tested up to Ansible 2.6.1
  • Replace Elementor urls on database sync (if installed).
  • For database sync the development vagrant VM must be powered on every time you run a command
  • On every database sync a db-backup-YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS.sql.gz file is automatically created inside destination environment Bedrock folder. In development, if you don’t want it to be saved in the repository:
    • You can add db-backup-*.sql.gz to your Bedrock .gitignore file
    • Or you can comment PULL > Backup development database task on database.yml


  • Anyone is welcome to contribute to the plugin.
  • Please merge (squash) all your changes into a single commit before you open a pull request.




© 2018 Creame.
Heavily inspired by trellis-database-uploads-migration and trellis-db-push-and-pull.
Special thanks to the Roots team whose Trellis make this project possible.