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Tools Open Source Sync WordPress

WordPress Site Sync Module for Terminal Tools

Command line scripts for syncing WordPress site assets and databases between
local development environments to/from (or between) test/stage/live
environments with Terminal Tools


  • Terminal Tools && server sync core
  • We’re expecting you’re using envWP for managing your
    environments – it might work without it though – let us know 🙂

How to install ttools with sitesync-wordpress

This is an example of how ttools can be used to keep your local repo in sync with a dev server.
Start by setting up the sub modules:

git submodule add git://
git submodule add git:// #is not absolutely necessary, but you'll want it for deployment
git submodule add git://
git submodule add git://

Add something along the following lines to your ttools-config.yml:

    Title: Local
      Title: Overwrite Local Site with Database & Assets from Dev Site
      Command: "ttools-sitesync-wordpress/local/"

  FrameworkModule: 'ttools-sitesync-wordpress'

That’s it. In order for this to work, you’ll need to have a Dev environment set up – see for info on how to do that.

Bundled software


See The entire wp-cli.phar has been added to
the repository to make deployments as little painful as possible.

Updating WP-CLI

cd thirdparty
curl -O


As WordPress is hard coding lots of stuff, you can also use this module to help you fix stuff manually:

Replace url

ttools/sitesync-wordpress/lib/ URL_TO_REPLACE_INCL_HTTP


wp-cli goes crazy because of php notices

Check you error reporting settings in php.ini:
php -i | grep "errors|ini"
then uncomment it, or add the following to env-config.php, if you’re using such: error_reporting(0);