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User authentication


User authentication


Pricing page

  • Free tier: unlimited logins for 7,000 active users/month, authentication with email/password and up to 2 social providers
  • Pros: lots of providers, great documentation, support passwordless authentication, UI provided, compatible with iOS Touch ID, offers welcome emails and tasks triggers
  • Limitations: active users are users who logged in the last 30 days

AWS Cognito

Pricing page

  • Free tier: 50,000 active users/month (active means at least one activity during a calendar month)
  • Pros: supports mobile and web apps, multiple authentication providers (Facebook, Twitter, Google, …)
  • Limitations: Cognito Sync (users data synchornization) is only included in the AWS 1 year free tier in the limit of 10GB storage and 1,000,000 sync operations/month

Firebase authentication

Pricing page

  • Free tier: always free, unlimited users
  • Pros: offers multiple login providers for free (anonymous, email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub), provide welcome emails triggers, integrates well with Firebase database security rules, libraries for multiple platform, UI available for Android, iOS and web.

Ionic Auth

Pricing page

  • Free tier: always free, unlimited users
  • Pros: offers multiple login providers (email, custom with in-app browser, Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn), provide forms


Pricing Page

  • Free tier: 1 Web or Mobile App, Standard Login, 3 Social Providers, Managed Auth Page, 5000 Monthly Active Users
  • Pros: Complete Authentication with Managed Login Page, full customization of the login page and prebuilt themes available, self-serve dashboard and documentation, transactional emails & template customization, SDKs of popular programming languages, and demos.
  • Limitations: active users are users who logged in the last 30 days.


Pricing Page

  • Free tier: Unlimited monthly active users, unlimited total users and unlimited monthly logins, email support (Basic: 48 hours response time), live chat support
  • Pros: Passwordless authentication with magic link login, email OTP login, and WebAuthn. Provides custom branding, user management, great documentation, SDKs of popular programming languages, and demos.
  • Limitations: 2 RPS authentication request for free tier


Pricing Page

  • Free tier: Up to 7,000 monthly active users, Up to 10 custom apps, OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect.
  • Pros: Complete authentication, authorization and user management through their API, client libraries for multiple languages.


Pricing page, Open Source

  • Free tier: always free, unlimited users, rate limit requests/minute
  • Pros: Open Source (Apache2), API first, support FIDO2/WebAuthn, SDKs for all languages, custom UI & flows cloud native


Pricing, Open-Source

  • Free tier: Self-hosted version is always free, unlimited users. The hosted cloud solution is free up to 5K monthly active users
  • Pros: Covers all primary methods of authentication and session management(including email/password, social, JWT, oAuth, etc.), lowest vendor lock-in, pre-built UI, quick to implement, easy to customize, feature segmentation
  • Limitations: None. Cloud and free/open-source solution both are identical
  • Exceeding the free tier: (Applicable to hosted cloud solution only) You can switch to open-source version without any limitations or you can upgrade to increase the monthly active users support

Visual Studio Mobile Center

Pricing Page

  • Free tier: 10 mobile apps and 500 active users while in preview
  • Pros: offers multiple login providers (Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Account, Facebook, Google, Twitter), client libraries for iOS, Android, Cordova, Windows, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms), UI support