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Top Spam IPs

A WordPress plugin that collects the Top Spam IP addresses and lists them on a new admin
tools page. Allows to export them and to block via your .htaccess file.


This repo is widely open to any sort of contribution.
Here’s a list of things that need to get done:

  • A better readme file here
  • Translation into other languages (German, Mandarin Chinese & Nederlands already done)
  • Make a better export screen:
    A) Add deny from to every line
    B) Add open/close for block order allow,deny and allow from all.
    C) Add an algorithm that checks for ranges and summons them under deny from 012.34.5.
  • ✓ Screenshots both for the dot org txt file as well as for this file
  • ✓ Generate main translation files

Translators: Lutz Schöer (de), Piet Bos (zh,nl)

Ideas how this repo could move forward

This is just a rough draft and should be discussed in either a milestone or a (set) of ticket(s).

  • Automatically add all or just a single IP to the .htaccess
  • Remove a single IP (or all) from the .htaccess
  • Clean .htaccess on uninstall
  • Central storage for IP addresses, similar to project honeypot
  • Remote connection to send the IPs there

Thank you!

Thanks in advance for any contributions. Your work will be honored with a link to your
wordpress dot org profile in the “Contributors” section of the Readme file.
A big thank you! goes to Thomas “toscho” Scholz
for allowing us to use his IP-Whois service in the plugin for free.

HowTo block IP addresses

…or IP ranges via the .htaccess file.

	# Start IP block
	order allow,deny
	# Block single IP example
	deny from
	# Block IP range example
	deny from 012.34.5.
	allow from all
	# End IP block

Make sure that you don’t delete spam, but just mark it as such.
The AntiSpam Bee plugin by Sergej Müller,
who contributes to this project as well, does a great job and we highly recommended to use this
plugin to collect spam IPs.


A short preview with too less Spam IP addresses.