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WP Crontrol


A small plugin to enable and disable multiple code snippets / tool via checkboxes. There are possibilities to extend and reconfigure the DIVI THEME.
The following options are available:
WP Security

  • Backend themes and plugins – disallow editing
  • Hide Usernames from Classes
  • Hide WordPress Version in Sourcecode Head
  • Protect your blog from malicious URL requests with a plugin
  • Disable WordPress Embeds
  • Disable XML-RPC interface
  • Disable XPingback


  • Image Auto-Update Alt & Title
  • Feed include Divi Projects (RSS-FEED)
  • (working) Rename projects with user-defined strings

Image Auto-Update Alt & Title
If an image is subsequently changed in the frontend editor, the changes are automatically applied to the database & media.
Feed include Divi Projects (RSS-FEED)
For some projects you want the DIVI projects to appear in the RSS feed. This setting makes it possible.
Rename projects with user-defined strings
Activate the checkbox and enter the new singular and plural name as well as the slug (how the URL should be built). It is also possible to change the category and tag.


Go to the Settings → Wegner Tools and Activate code snippets with the check box.