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WordPress CLI Tools

[]( CLI Tools&language=en_GB&tags=github&category=software)>

[]( CLI Tools&language=en_GB&tags=github&category=software) #

Some tools for WordPress, use it with PHP-CLI for no limitation (memory, timeout)
Caution : PHP-CLI isn’t possible for WordPress with multisite enabled.

Rebuild thumbs

This script allow to regenerate all thumbs for default and custom images sizes.
Usage : php5-cli /path to wordpress/rebuild-thumbs.php > messages.log

Relink medias

This script allow to replace in your post content, link on direct media file by the link for attachment view.
Usage : php5-cli /path to wordpress/relink-medias.php > messages.log

Move WordPress Multisite

This script allow to change domain for a WordPress Multisites Network.
Place this file into master folder of WordPress
Usage :