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Shell scripts for syncing WordPress MySQL databases via Git

  • Simple setup and usage
  • Sync between local and remote installations
  • Sync across multiple team members for local development


Install a copy of the scripts on each machine you would like to sync

$ cd wordpress
$ git clone db

Make sure to change the folder name during git clone to match the db directory in the scripts


After cloning the scripts in to your wordpress directory, update,, and update.sql using your specific WordPress installation’s MySQL database name, user name and password following the comments in each file.
The update and backup commands are run from the main wordpress directory (ie. outside of the db/ directory).

Updating from git (

$ sh db/

Backing up to git (

$ sh db/


  • These scripts assume each WordPress installation is being managed/deployed using Git. However, they can still be used without Git to simply import/export databases via the command-line by commenting out the git commands in and
  • The scripts look for & create a database SQL file called data.sql in the db/ directory.
  • While these scripts assume the database is backed up & managed via Git, the scripts themselves should be ignored from git (since they can contain sensitive information).

You can use the following pattern in your .gitignore file:


This will include the db/ directory itself, but ignore everything inside of it except for the data.sql file created during syncing.


MIT © Mike King