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Is Your WordPress Loading Very Slow?

As website owners, we all have one goal: Increase traffic and increase followers. A slow-speed website can be devastating for your traffic since 2 seconds is the recommended speed of loading a page and keeping customers or visitors happy.

You only get a small time frame to capture your visitor’s attention before they hit the back button and are gone for good. You can have the best content in the world, but if your WordPress site loads slow and their expectations are not met, they may never get to see your website.

There are several reasons why your WordPress Loading Very Slow complaints keep popping up. It could be due to a worthless un-optimized plugin or might be due to several poorly optimized images.

Why is Your WordPress Loading Very Slow?>

Why is Your WordPress Loading Very Slow? #

There are many factors that contribute to slowing down your website and affecting you and your user’s experience. Some of these factors include:

  • Displaying poorly optimized pages or images – Large images not properly resized and compressed cause most of the issues we find.
  • The use of un-optimized plugins
  • Using heavy or slow themes
  • Heavy use of external resources – external libraries that have to be requested on each page load will have a big impact on your and page speed.
  • The use of an old, outdated PHP
  • A cluttered WordPress database
  • Poor Web Hosting – TTFB (Time To First Bytes) is a big cause of a slow loading website.
  • Bloat – Too many bells and whistles that are not being used are unnecessary and can increase load time.
  • Way Too Many Plugins – More plugins does not equal a better website, the opposite is actually true.

Beside these factors there are also many other aspects that can cause WordPress to load slowly.

Identifying the specific problem and optimizing it is the only way to fix a WordPress site loading slow. In some cases, the problem is due to the hosting provider, so it is critical to figure it out before finding a solution.

Given that all websites are different, there can be no single solution to fixing the problem. An issue with a plugin or theme might not be the same issue another website deals with. There are numerous reasons to note down before deciding on “why is my WordPress Loading Very Slow?”

You probably have a question about what to do to improve performance of your WordPress website? Let us go over them together in our Discussion Section.