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Tools Open Source PHP WordPress
** THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT READY YET, but feel free to poke **

Place the WordPress folder in your CodeSniffer/Standards folder.

This requires PHP CodeSniffer:

And ant


# Check out a local copy of wordpress-plugin-anazlyer
cd ~
git clone

# Install to CodeSniffer
ln -s wordpress-plugin-analyzer/CodeSniffer/WordPress /usr/lib/php/pear/PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards/WordPress

# Run with ant
mkdir -p /tmp/plugin
cp /tmp/
ant -Dbuild_src=/tmp/plugin -buildfile ant/build.xml -Drips=/path/to/rips/ -Drun_cpd=true -Drun_jslint=true -Drun_docs=true -Drun_phplint=true -Drun_pmd=true -Drun_rips=true -Drun_syntax=true -Drun_readme_validator=true -Drun_pci=true -Drun_csslint=true

# Now look around in /tmp/plugin/logs
cd /tmp/plugin/logs

 * Original WordPress CodeSniffer standards by John
 * RIPS -
 * CodeSniffer -
 * Google Closure -
 * PHP -
 * WordPress -
 * PHP CPD -
 * PHP PMD -
 * PHP CompatInfo -
 * CSS Lint -


 [X] Submit readme.txt (if found) to

 [X] Validate phpdoc rules (probaby doclbox for performance)
 [X] Validate with gjslint
 [ ] Web front-end

 [X] Validate with csslint

 [X] Run through RIPS scanner

 [X] Run through phpmd

 [X] Run through php compat info

 [X] Run through php -l
 [X] Turn into an ant project
 [X] Run through php copy paste detector