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WordPress Plugin Starter README


This project is a starter project for building WordPress Plugins. It is motivated by having more modern tool availability for WordPress development. This includes:

  • Using VS Code as development/debug environment
  • Debugging in JavaScript or PHP (using XDebug)
  • ESLint config file for linting JavaScript
  • WebPack for most of your modern programming needs
  • Hot reloading accomplished using webpack-dev-server and BrowserSync proxied as described here

It is usable as is, but is still a work in progress.

To Do

The big outstanding tasks for this are:

  • Add Minifying
  • Add production build
  • Add React boilerplate?
  • Add Jest support and/or PHP Unit support?


Clone the repo.
To install for development run the following:

  1. Install npm dependencies by running the following command:
    • ‘yarn install’
  2. Install php dependencies using composer:
    • ‘composer install’
  3. Install VS Code and the following plugins:
    • ESLint
    • PHP Debug (Requires setting up XDebug if not already installed)
    • PHP IntelliSense
    • phpcs
  4. Verify PHP and JS debugging works by attempting to set breakpoints in each.
  5. Start to customize for your own needs!