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WordPress Project Template by JustCoded

WordPress Project Template is a skeleton WordPress site with modern
development tools, easier configuration, improved folder structure and latest security best practices.

Better project structure

The organization of skeleton is similar to putting WordPress core files in its own subdirectory,
wp-content stays the same.

Dependency management with Composer

Manage your WordPress install and plugins with Composer,
a PHP dependency manager. Composer will make development more reliable, help with team collaboration,
and it helps maintain a better Git repository.

Easy WordPress configuration

Environment specific configuration files and environment variables with Dotenv.

Enhanced security

  • Deny access to non-web files with server directives (with .htaccess files).
  • Deny PHP scripts execution inside wp-content/uploads folder.
  • Deny browsing the directory files list.
  • Production & Staging environments have a restriction to update files from admin panel (only Media is allowed).
  • Command-line scripts for generating wp-admin HTTP Authorization files.


Quick start



  1. Create a new project in a new folder for your site:

composer create-project justcoded/wordpress-starter your-project-folder-name

  1. Set important environment variables in .env file:
  • DB_NAME – Database name
  • DB_USER – Database user
  • DB_PASSWORD – Database password
  • DB_HOST – Database host
  • WP_HOME – Full URL to WordPress home (
  1. Run WordPress install as usual by accessing your site at
  2. Enjoy!

Composer helpers

  • composer wp:theme generate new theme based on our Theme Boilerplate
  • composer wp:secure generate new HTTP password for wp-admin folder


Contributions are welcome from everyone.