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Ant/PHP scripts to sync dev and live environments

What does it do?

This project contains a collection of Ant and PHP scripts designed to simplify switching between dev and live WordPress websites. With these scripts, a developer can use a single command to download or upload a WordPress site, along with its database. This way, the site can be worked on without risk to the live site content.


  1. THIS SCRIPT DELETES! [Source control your files and data and/or make backups first!]
  2. It is also a few years old and there may be better ways to achieve this now.


  • Allows a developer to work offline using a full copy of a WordPress website including the PHP source and database.
  • Allows a developer to upload the new source code only or source code and data. A backup is also created during upload.


  • Working on a live site directly is rarely advisable.
  • Recent, real CMS content helps with offline development.
  • Switching between live and dev environments increases the risk of deletion or corruption of live content.
  • Shared-hosting packages, as used by many WordPress sites, provide limited tool sets for updating source code and data. FTP is often the only option – automating this process saves time and cuts down on errors.
  • The content on the developer machine becomes outdated. It is very useful to be able to download the latest version of everything quickly and reliably. Especially, if ad-hoc coding changes have been performed directly on the server by ‘someone else’.
  • Being able to cleanly sync code allows for easier source-control and identification of bug causes.


  • Ant is installed on the developer machine with the optional FTP jars.
  • A local and remote MySQL database.



Simply download these scripts to the root directory of your WordPress application.

Starting with a ‘live’ project.

  1. Configure variables in
  2. Download the live site: ant download
  3. Work on the website locally.
  4. Upload the changes. ant upload

Starting with a ‘local’ project.


Common problems

Problem: failed to create task or type ftp Cause: the class was not found.

FTP has not been configured for Ant. Please see the Ant documentation for details of the optional resources needed by FTP.