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🙏 Theme-init for WordPress theme development

📄 Installation

  • Clone (or download) this repository
  • Copy gulpconfig.json.default to gulpconfig.json
  • Edit gulpconfig.json to match your development proxy-url and if you would
    like to see the BrowserSync overlay
  • Edit package.json (project name, your details, etc) and this readme
  • Run npm install or yarn install to download and install all packages
  • If everything went fine see the Gulp tasks below
  • Develop your theme, install more packages, etc pp.
  • Be happy and contribute if you like 😍


For privacy reasons please use selfhosted webfonts instead of Google Fonts or
other third-party vendors that often include trackers. An efficient and nice
way to choose and include fonts found on Google Fonts is the following site:

🔨 Gulp tasks

There are three gulp tasks you can run:

  • gulp
    This will start browsersync, compiles Post-CSS, transpiles the JavaScript and
    will then watch for changes in the /src directory and reload browsersync.
  • gulp clean
    This will clean your build folder if something went wrong after a build or if
    you just wanted to test a build and keep it from your git.
  • gulp build
    This will copy everything from /src to /build, compiles Post-CSS, transpiles
    JavaScript, minify both CSS and JS, concatenate everything, minimises your images,
    bumps the version number etc. This is the folder you want to use in production!
    Afterwards you can deploy/copy/upload the /build folder or add it to your git
    tracking if you like.

💬 Legal