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πŸ† TNC WP Toolbox (inc. NGINX Cache Purge)

What the WordPress Plugin does:

  • Allows you to purge the EA-NGINX User Cache from within WordPress
  • Will expand to include other features as requested by community & clients

System Requirements for the plugin:

  • ~/.tnc/cp-api-key file must contain a cPanel API Token (on its own)
  • Hosting Environment must be cPanel+WHM, running NGINX + Apache stack
  • Bash script needs: WP-in-functional-CageFS; shell->on for each cP user

Note: EA-NGINX (Reverse Proxy) by cPanel is supported, not β€œold school” implementations.

Installing the Plugin (within WordPress CMS):

  1. Download the latest version of the TNC WP Toolbox
  2. Extract the repository on your computer/server
  3. ZIP the tnc-wp-toolbox/ directory on its own
  4. WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload ZIP

Server-side: Use the bash script (read it firstly) to deploy the plugin server-wide!
As always, restrict it suitably – add a WP-present check, etc – and run at your own risk.

Configuring the API Key/s site- or server-wide:

  • For single-site usage, create ~/.tnc/ and ~/.tnc/cp-api-key
  • Create a cPanel API Token and place it (nothing else) in that file
  • ROOT: to prep and install for all sites
  • ROOT: Make sure you amend the “wp” URL as described in the script, to grab ZIP

Feature Requests, Improvements, Bug Reports, etc:

Please raise an Issue on the GitHub Repository! Include all info, screenshots, etc, to help our crew.
The Network Crew Pty Ltd (TNC)