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Remote to local database import tool for wp-cli
This is a wp-cli command version of this gist


composer require timneutkens/wp-cli-dbsync:^1.0.0


This command uses wp-cli-ssh.
To get started use their instructions to setup a remote host:
Add an ssh section to your wp-cli.yml/wp-cli.local.yml, as seen in the sample config.
You indicate the ssh command templates for each host you want to connect to. The template variable %cmd% is
replaced with the full command to run on the server; the %pseudotty% template variable is replaced
with -t/-T depending on whether you’re on a TTY or piping the command output.
For a step-by-step guide, please refer to the wiki.
Now you can run the following command:
wp dbsync <host here>
The command will import the database. After that it will search replace the old home url to the new home url using wp search-replace.
The new home url will be guessed using wp option get home.
Beware that if you define WP_HOME this command will return that url instead of the url set in the wp_options table.
Optionally you can provide --new-base-url= to override this behaviour.
Replace <host here> with the host you just setup in your wp-cli.yml/wp-cli.local.yml.