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WP Console

A WordPress CLI. A tool to generate boilerplate code, interact with and debug WordPress.

Releases Page

All notable changes to this project will be documented in the releases page


These instructions are intented for Unix, Linux, Mac OSX system, use sudo if you get permissions errors

curl -L -o wordpress.phar
mv wordpress.phar /usr/local/bin/wordpress
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wordpress


Available commands:

  • about Display basic information about Wordpres Console project
  • chain Chain command execution
  • exec Execute an external command.
  • help Displays help for a command
  • init Copy configuration files.
  • list Lists all available commands
  • snippet Execute a php code inside wordpress


  • cache:flush (cf) Flush the WordPress object cache


  • create:users (cu) Create dummy users for your WordPress application.
  • create:roles (crr) Create dummy roles for your WordPress application.


  • database:create (dbc) Create a new database.
  • database:drop (dbd) Drop all tables in current or a given database and remove wp-config.php if current database.


  • debug:chain (dc) List available chain files.
  • debug:container (dco) Displays current services for an application.
  • debug:cron (dce) Displays current cron for the application
  • debug:multisite (dm) List all sites in network available to a specific user
  • debug:plugin (dp) Display current plugins available for application
  • debug:roles (dusr) Displays current roles for the application
  • debug:shortcode (ds) Displays current shortcodes in your WordPress application.
  • debug:theme (dt) Display current themes available for application


  • generate:command (gc) Generate commands for the console.
  • generate:cron:schedule (gcsh) Generate a schedule cron.
  • generate:cron:single (gcs) Generate a single cron.
  • generate:dashboard:widgets (gdw) Generate a new custom dashboard widgets.
  • generate:menu (gm) Generate a menu.
  • generate:metabox (gm) Generate a meta box.
  • generate:plugin (gp) Generate a plugin.
  • generate:post:type (gpt) Generate a custom post type.
  • generate:quicktag (gqt) Generate a quicktag.
  • generate:register:script (grsp) Generate a register style.
  • generate:register:style (grst) Generate a register style.
  • generate:settings:page (gsp) Generate a new custom settings page.
  • generate:shortcode (gs) Generate a shortcode.
  • generate:sidebar (gsb) Generate a sidebar.
  • generate:taxonomy (gta) Generate a custom taxonomy.
  • generate:theme (gth) Generate a theme.
  • generate:toolbar (gtb) Generate a toolbar.
  • generate:user:contact:methods (gucm) Generate a User contact methods.
  • generate:widget (gwd) Generate a widgets.


  • multisite:install (mi) Install a WordPress multisite network
  • multisite:new (mn) Add New Site a WordPress multisite network


  • plugin:activate (pa) Activate plugins or plugin in the application
  • plugin:deactivate (pd) Deactivate plugins or plugin in the application


  • site:install (si) Install a WordPress project


  • role:delete (rd) Delete roles for the application
  • role:new (rn) Create roles for the application


  • settings:set Change a specific setting value in WordPressConsole config file


  • theme:activate (ta) Activate theme in the application

How to contribute


Fork your own copy of the WordPress Console repository to your account


Get a copy of your recently cloned version of console in your machine.

$ git clone[your-git-user-here]/wp-console.git

Configure a remote fork

$ git remote add upstream

Sync your fork

$ git fetch upstream
$ git merge upstream/master

Install composer dependencies

$ composer install.

Supporting Organizations

WordPress is a registered trademark of WordPress Foundation.