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WP Data Sync

Sync raw data into your WordPress or WooCommerce website from mutiple data sources and formats.
If you’re looking for a plugin to make data management and syncing for your WordPress websites easier, you’ve come to the right place.
Our developer-friendly API supports a variety of data sources, including JSON, XML, CSV, Google Sheets, and WordPress and WooCommerce websites. And, you can customize every data field, thanks to action and filter hooks already in the plugin. You can also manipulate the data with conditional logic, by creating a single data string from multiple fields, and do so much more.
How does it work?
The WP Data Sync API is easy to set up and maintain. Map your data source with the data keys from your website and you are ready to go. If you need help mapping your data source, we have support experts available to help.
Import data into your website from almost any data source. Posts, pages, products, or other custom post types. Once the data is set in your website, our API will keep the data up to date with the changes in your data feed. This can all be done without writing a single line of code.
What if I want to know more?
Here are a variety of links that we’ve found helpful in explaining our plugin and how to get started:

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