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WordPress Deploy FolderSync

A library for syncing WordPress folders. Can be used as part of a deployment
system. Useful for deploying or pulling resources like the ‘uploads’ folder,
since it likely contains files that the site depends on.
This project is meant to be a composable component. It does one thing, sync
folders. If you want to do more, as part of a deployment system, then check
out the other projects in the WordPressDeploy namespace.


  • The rsync linux command is used to perform the sync. So, it must be
    available via the command-line. You’ll get a RuntimeException if you
    try to call FolderSync::sync without the rsync command.
  • All other dependencies are defined in composer.json.


curl -s | php
php composer.phar require cullylarson/wp-deploy-folder-sync


Everything is done through an instance of the WordPressDeployFolderSync


The WordPressDeployFolderSync constructor takes three arguments:

  • source The source folder. It must have a trailing slash (/).
  • dest The destination folder. After the sync is run, the destination folder
    will match the source folder. It must have a trailing slash (/).
  • options A set of options, described below.

Source and Destination Paths

These paths provided in the source and dest params can be any paths that
the rsync command recognizes. So you can provide either remote or local
paths. For example:


The constructor accepts the following options:

  • delete boolean (Default: true) Whether to delete files when syncing
    (e.g. if a file no longer exists at the source, then delete it from the
  • exclude array (Default: []) An array of patterns to exclude from the
    sync. See the rsync man page for details on –exclude.


The sync is performed by calling the WordPressDeployFolderSync::sync function.
This will examine your source folder and dest folder, and will make any changes
necessary so that your dest folder ends up just like your source folder. In
this way, the folders will be synchronized.



class MyWordpressDeployer {
    public function deploy() {
        // ...
        $folderSync = new WordPressDeployFolderSync(
            ['delete' => true, 'exclude' => ['.gitkeep']]);
        // ...

Status Callback

The WordPressDeployFolderSync::sync function can optionally accept a callback
function. This callback will be called whenever the sync function wants to post
a status update (e.g. “I’m running”, “Here’s the output of the rsync command”,
“Something went wrong”, etc.). It allows you to have some control over whether
and how messages are handled.
The callback must take one parameter, an instance of WordPressDeployFolderSyncStatus.
Here’s an example:


class MyWordpressDeployer {
    public function deploy() {
        // ...
        $statusCallback = function(WordPressDeployFolderSyncStatus $status) {
            echo $status->Timestamp . " -- ";
            if( $status->isError() ) echo "ERROR: ";
            if( $status->isWarning() ) echo "WARNING: ";
            if( $status->isRawOutput() ) echo "================n";
            echo $status->Message;
            if( $status->isRawOutput() ) echo "================n";
        $folderSync = new WordPressDeployFolderSync(
        // ...