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WordPress Database migration (string replacement) script

When you move WordPress to another host you usually need to update database with new URLs inside a lot of pages. Such URLs can be placed inside serialized strings, BLOBs or objects.
This is a tool to simplify string replace operations across the whole WordPress database or specific tables.

Script usage

  • Download latest stable tag.
  • Find the file /build/wp-host-update.php and copy it to your folder with WordPress installation.
  • Backup your database!
  • Open in your browser (replace with your WordPress URL at the beginning)
  • Follow the instructions in your browser.
  • If everything was fine – remove script from production server!

(In case of fail – use your backup to restore the database and try one more time)

Repository structure

Repository has 2 parts:

  1. The script source files inside /app/ folder. These super simple MVC/OOP scripts which process page requests and views render.
  2. In the root folder you can find builder.php file. This one is used to collect all “app” into one single script and compress it a bit to minimize file size.


  • Version 2.1202.*
    • Added new option to run “light weight” replace. It skips numeric fields and some special fields like dates, meta_keys etc.
    • Added support for run queries in blocks to prevent memory limit on tables with too many rows
  • Version 2.1201.*
    • Reset time limit to prevent script to be blocked by timeout
  • Version 2
    • Convert all fields in all tables.
    • Simple MVC framework with minimizer/builder.