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WordPress .htpasswd Generator

Sync your WordPress users with .htpasswd file for enabling Apache basic authentication based on file.

Why should I need this?

  • Do you want to protect resources in a folder of your WordPress installation with authentication?
  • Do you want to allow only WordPress users on that resources?

Then this plugin is for you.

What should I do?

  1. You can download as zip from WordPress Plugin Directory or GitHub
  2. Unzip and upload plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to Htpasswd Generator settings page under WordPress Settings menu
  5. Fill Generic Settings section to provide resource paths to protect. Remember that resource folders must alredy exist
  6. Now Apache will ask for basic authentication while trying to access that resources

Advanced options

If you want to protect resources with WordPress credential on another server, you can provide FTP credentials:
this plugin will take care to copy .htpasswd_generated to remote server. It’s up to you then to configure Apache .htaccess file propertly.


How WordPress users are synchronized with .htpasswd_generated file?

This plugin hooks to some WordPress Actions involving user’s creation, update or deletion, such as:

  • user_register
  • profile_update
  • delete_user
  • password_reset

After plugin activation, only new users or updated users can access protected resources, why?

WP user’s passwords are hashed before storing on db, so they cannot be reverted to plain text for security reason. Apache basic authentication based on file expects a different type of password hashing, so this plugin cannot use WP hashed version but has to catch and hash user’s password before they are hashed from WP. Unfortunately, the only way to sync .htpasswd_generated with existing users is to update their password (even with same value) from admin panel or from reset password functionality so it can be caught and hashed when still plain text.



  • No new feature. Just needed to meet WordPress update system


  • Fixed issue #1: switched encryption algorithm to APR1-MD5, compatible with Apache 2.2.18 and above, both on Linux and Windows


  • Automatic folder protection: now in new settings page you can specify folders path you want to protect: no more need to move and replace rename_me_to_.htaccess manually!
  • New FTP upload feature: if you need to protect a remote resource (on another server than WordPress installation), you can upload .htpasswd_generated automatically via FTP to another server. Remember to configure .htaccess file properly on remote server.

Memento for me on WP handling

To upgrade a plugin version remember remember to change:

  • Version on plugin header of main file
  • Stable tag on readme.txt