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WP Login Protector

Simple tools to protect your wordpress login from brute force attacks.
Have you ever been the recipient of a brute force attack?
If you have, you know it’s not very fun … even if no passwords are retrieved by the attacker.
If you’re wondering what a brute force attack looks like, here’s an example:

POST Cookie Protection

This will set a cookie when an initial, GET request is made on the site (which happens when a human logs in).
If the Cookie is not present on the POST request then the login is blocked.
This effectively blocks non-human robots from successfully issuing a POST request to WordPress’ login page.

Block HTTP/1.0 POSTs

Block any login POST requests made with HTTP 1.0. Since it is common for bots to use HTTP 1.0, this should effectively block them from attempting to login.

Basic Authentication

This will add an extra layer of basic authentication to the WordPress login page.
This is a more aggressive approach but should completely prevent any bots from even attempting a wordpress login.
Unlike modifying your webserver configuration to add Basic Authentication, this approach will not break the functionality of nopriv ajax actions.