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WordPress Movies Plugin

Attach data (including movie posters and backdrop images) from to your posts or events in WordPress.
For screenshots, visit


Download this package and upload to plugins:
After you activate the plugin, configure it by going to the Settings
screen under the Movies menu in your admin dashboard. You’ll need a
TMDb API key, which you can get at

How does it work?

To attach movie data to your posts, you use the Import Tool under the
Movies menu in your admin dashboard. The tool suggests movie matches
based on your post titles.
If you want to filter by a specific post type, you can configure that in
Settings, also in the Movies menu. For example, we use the Events
Calendar (Pro) plugin, which sets events to a post type of tribe_events.
Unless you’ve configured it to do otherwise, the import tool will:

  • Import a backdrop image for the matching movie if one is available,
    attach it to the post, and set it as the featured image.
  • Import a poster image for the matching movie if one is available and
    attach it to the post. If no backdrop image was available, it will set
    the poster image as the featured image.
  • Set a custom metadata field with the tmdb_id for the matching movie.
  • Store some other data about the movie that you can use in your theme’s
    templates (see below).

What other data can I use in my theme?

Once movie data is imported and attached to a post, it’s stored as
custom metadata which is accessible through the Movie object.
A basic example looks like:

$movie = new Movie( $post->ID );
if( $movie->title )
    echo $movie->title;
if( $movie->genres )
    echo implode(", ", $movie->genres);

Properties of every Movie object:

$movie->year  # this is parsed from the tmdb release date (if found)
$movie->backdrop_path  # full url from your wp uploads dir
$movie->poster_path  # full url from your wp uploads dir
$movie->genres  # array in plain text, e.g. array('Action', 'Adventure')
$movie->runtime  # in minutes, e.g. 121
$movie->languages  # array in plain text, e.g. array('English')
$movie->overview  # tmdb's text synopsis of movie

Although every Movie object has these properties, they may be empty
depending on the source data. (If you haven’t imported any movie data to
a post, conjuring a Movie object from that post will also return a valid
Movie object with all empty values.)

Can I call the TMDb API directly?

I certainly don’t recommend doing it on request in your theme’s templates,
but if you want to ping the TMDb API directly for additional data, you can
use Movies::$TMDB, an instance of TMDB_V3_API_PHP, for that.
Here’s a quick example:

$search = Movies::$TMDB->searchMovie("Back to the Future");
foreach($search['results'] as $result) {
    echo $result['title'];

Documentation for that library is available at

About This Version

This is the first version of this plugin. It hasn’t been tested
thoroughly, although so far it works for me. There is some code
cleanup to be done, especially in the admin screens. I’d like to
add tests, I just have no experience with testing WP plugins.

Credits & License

This package is licensed under the BSD license. A copy of this license
is enclosed in license.txt. More information at
This package includes pixelead0’s TMDB API v3 PHP class, which in turn
is based in part on Jonas De Smet’s TMDb PHP API class. Both are BSD
licensed and redistributed here under the terms of that license.
This package also includes a function posted anonymously to Pastebin
at My gratitude to its author.