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NewsmanApp plugin for WordPress & Remarketing

NewsmanApp plugin for WordPress allows you to place a newsletter signup form on your blog (widget), to sync your subscribers via API and to send newsletters based on the blog posts via NewsmanApp.
This is the easiest way to connect your Blog with Generate an API KEY in your NewsmanApp account, install this plugin and you will be able to collect and sync subscribers, remarketing and forms.


If you’re using woocommerce you will also need to activate Newsman Remarketing plugin


  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for NewsmanApp and click “Install now”


  1. Download the latest archive from here.
  2. Rename folder WP-Plugin-NewsmanApp-master to newsmanapp, upload the contents of newsmanapp to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to Newsman > Settings and paste your API key and User ID (you can find those in your account section in NewsmanApp –

Newsman plugin settings

Import subscribers to NewsmanApp


Newsman Remarketing

You must be logged out of admin to be able to test Remarketing (forms, events).


  • Log in to your Newsman account: Select List -> Settings -> Subscription forms -> Create/Edit form -> select landing page -> Activate for newsletter subscription -> Select embedded form. Copy paste Shortcode newsman_subscribe_widget
  • If selected modal window -> Activate for newsletter subscription -> it will automatically be displayed on the website.

NewsmanApp plugin for Woocommerce allows you to track your shop customers.

  1. Activate the plugin NewsmanApp Remarketing
  2. Go to Woocommerce > Integrations and paste your Newsman Remarketing ID (you can find those in your account section in NewsmanApp –

After the plugin is installed, you will also have: feed products, events (product impressions, AddToCart, purchase) automatically implemented.

Newsman Remarketing Screenshots

Some quick screenshots of the Newsman Remarketing plugin features.

Newsman Remarketing plugin settings


This code is released under GPLv2 license by NewsmanApp – Smart Email Service Provider.