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Tools Open Source Sync WordPress


This plugin synchronises content with a remote wordpress site in a similar way to a distributed version control system. As of now it works to synchronize various resource types which include; posts, attachments and H5P.


  • Install the plugin in both local and remote wordpress instances.
  • After installation you should now be able to navigate settings>Remote sync in the admin menu.
  • From the remote instance set the access key (if it is not already set).
  • Side note: The access key set in is Tunapanda1123.
  • From the local instance, set both the remote url and the access key (Must match the remote key).

How it works

Synchronisation is user driven and all operations are handled from the local endpoint. The user can do operations similar to those git provides, i.e. push, pull, etc.

Work in progress

Has been known to work on occasion… Needs more testing…


  • TDD rocks!
    Check the file bin/ for instructions on how to set this up. There is also a Travis CI job set up to run tests on commits to master.
  • We use git submodules. However, the submodule references live in the submodules directory, but they are also copied and checked in to the ext directory. Our code relies on the files in the ext directory, so this means you don’t have to initialize the submodules. It also means that we shouldn’t change the files in the ext directory, but rather change the corresponding submodule and copy it in again.