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#WordPress batch utility
The utility performs export and restore operations for WordPress installations.
The result of export is JSON file (batch) and a set of files which can be used for
easy WP deploy via command line.
Import works with a previously exported batch and can replicate WP installation
with all data and plugins you had.
Key features

  • Export current installation status to JSON file
  • Automatic themes and plugins install
  • WordPress install
  • Database import and export
  • Media import and export planned
  • WP backup planned
  • Export backups to different data providers (FTP, Google Drive, S3) planned

Warnings and limitations

  • This utility requires shell_exec to be permitted on the host for WP data export or WP restore and install
  • mysqldump should be installed for data export
  • wp-cli should be installed for WP, themes and plugins install

Usage example

php wpbatch.php mode [parameters]

More docs:

  • Command line parameters
  • JSON file structure

##Database params
Scripts are used for different batch scenarios. Mandatory scripts are:

  • default – wpbatch flow if launched with no parameters
  • export – export all WP installation data
  • restore – WP restore flow


    "default": [
        "batch restore"
    "export": [
        "batch export",
    "restore": [
        "batch restore",
        "mysqldump restore"