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Do you use a GitHub, or any other git or svn repository, for the development of your WordPress plugin? Are you bored of copying and pasting all of the files when you launch a new version of your plugin? Are you bored of changing the plugin version every time? This is the perfect solution for you!



  • Updates bower and composer dependencies;
  • Edits the files and sets the new version of the plugin;
  • Updates both DEV and WP SVN repositories, creating a tag;
  • Ignores the folders/files you want;
  • Synchronize main repository’s “_assets” folder with WordPress SVN “assets”.


Go to downloads page and download the package for your operating system and architecture. Then, unzip the files, and put the executable somewhere covered by PATH variable.

Linux and OS X

Just run the following commands, replacing $VERSION by the current version, $OS by your operating system name and $ARCH by your operating system’s architecture.

curl -LOk$VERSION/$OS_$
unzip wpsync_$OS_$
sudo cp wpsync /usr/local/bin


Unzip the downloaded folder and run install.bat as admin.


You should run the command wpsync init --link="WORDPRESS_SVN_URL" in the root of your project. It creates a wpsync.json file. Should have a content like this:

  "increase": "build",
  "plugin": {
    "main": "plugin.php",
    "svn": "",
  "dependencies": {
    "bower": true,
    "composer": true
  "ignore": [
  • increase is the default version increase (nomenclature: major.minor[.build[.revision]]);
  • main refers to plugin’s main file;
  • svn is the link for the WordPress SVN;
  • ignore is an array of files/folders you don’t want to upload to the WordPress SVN.

After having a .wpsync file on the root of your project, you just have to run the following command from console:

wpsync [commands] [options]

Run wpsync -h to know more.