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Tools Open Source PHP WordPress


Xpress is a starter theme for WordPress projects, with many tools ready to make development quicker. Base theme targets more dynamic, custom WordPress sites, less of a blog focus and more on custom WordPress development.


  • Constants for commonly accessed variables & functions
  • Has LESSphp baked in
  • Custom redirects after user login
  • Cleans up wp_head()
  • Remove menu items (remove comments, links, or whatever you don’t want)
  • Mobile device detection & mobile template loader
  • Setup for Admin dashboard and login logos
  • Custom menu output
  • Menu caching
  • Enhanced Search (highlight terms and show result count)



SITE_URL // (string) Site's URL -  same as get_bloginfo('url')
WP_URL // (strong) Access WordPress URL - same as get_bloginfo('wpurl')
TMPL_URL // (string) Template directory URL - get_bloginfo('template_url')
DIR_TMPL // (string) Path of template directory
DIR_CACHE // (string) Path of cache directory
DIR_EXTND // (string) Path of extensions (classes, includes, etc.)
DIR_ADMIN // // (string) Path of WordPress wp-admin folder
URI // (string) Current request
IS_MOBILE // (boolean) Is browser mobile?
IS_LIVE // (boolean) Is site live?



All non WordPress functions have been prefixed with x(?)_ to help make it identify custom functions. The exact prefix depends on the type of function.

  • x_ any function
  • xf_ custom filter
  • xa_ add custom action
  • xs_ add shortcode

eg php <?php add_action( 'admin_menu', 'xa_update_menu' ); ?>

Template Functions


// Handles document <title>

// Works the same and handles the same parameters as wp_nav_menu(), but also caches menu
x_menu_cache( $args = array()); 


$fh - File Handler $_FILE
$post_id - ID of parent post
$title - title Of images
$to_thumb - make it parent post thumnail?

if ($_FILES['thumbnail']){
  insert_attachment($_FILES['thumbnail'],$ID, $_POST['post']['post_title'], true);

x_insert_attachment($fh, $post_id, $title, $to_thumb = false);